Anti-DDoS protection

What are DoS and DDoS-Attacks?

In the world of computers, such server loading scheme for treating a huge amount of unnecessary queries was called Denial of Service (DoS) attacks. To speak in more technical language, DoS is a network attack, which is carried out from a certain node of the Internet on a certain remote resource, as a result of which, the corresponding resource, becomes inaccessible from the Internet. A DoS attack is characterized by an overload of network resources (port or channel) that are attacked and / or overloaded attacked by the Information Resource (server), resulting in a violation of the normal order of their operation. Distributed Denial of Service (DDoS-attack) – Network attack, for its purposes and methods of implementation, is similar to a DoS attack, but is carried out from several nodes of the Internet.

Who needs it?

It is worth noting that DDoS attacks are not free, but they are predominantly ordered by your competitors, or some other ill-wishers. Quite often, victims are state structures. Attacks are usually subject to resources (software, sites) that have access to the Internet. So do not worry, your resources (own or cloud-rented) in our datacenter are available only to you, especially if they have special secure access (direct through the optical network, owned by “Parkovyi” or Internet connection, but using VPN Connection with the corresponding encryption type AES-256.

Should I take care and protect my resources?

The answer is unequivocal – yes! Here is an example of how it may be. Some hater used the publicly available BlackEnergy and collected botnets with 1000 bots online, which would generate a corresponding number of queries. He directs this botnet to your website for online sales, which is located at “Parkovyi”. There is a small probability that the bandwidth will be sufficient and such a DDoS attack will not achieve its goal, but such attacks have different types, directions, and it may turn out that your resource will not work for a long time because there was not enough bandwidth. Service “protection From DDoS – attacks”, you need to order in advance. When the problem arises, it is not always possible to solve the problem.

How does "Parkovyi" protect their clients from DDoS attacks?

One way to fight against DDoS attacks is to have high bandwidth, many network connections. The more bandwidth the more expensive the DDoS attacks are, the more likely it is that the attack will not achieve its goal. Despite the fact that “Parkovyi” has a high bandwidth of the network channels:

Ukrainian traffic main channel – 40Gbit/sec, backup – 10Gbit/sec,
Overseas traffic 2x10Gbit/sec, (there is a possibility to increase due to the need)
Most providers do not provide services to the client under attack and this is understandable, since in this situation, other customers can suffer.

“Parkovyi” with his partners together, has the opportunity to provide you with various options for the service.

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