Disaster Recovery as a Service (DRaaS)

Disaster Recovery as a Service (DRaaS) or Emergency recovery as a service – allows you to ensure the continuity of the client’s critical IT resources (software, services, services, etc.).

Thanks to the replication of the corresponding virtual machine from the productive (main) platform to the backup, there is an opportunity for virtually instantaneous switching to the backup platform in the event of an accident (unforeseen circumstances, due to which there is no access to customer resources).

У нас є готове рішення з такими ключовими параметрами:


Switching (activation) of a virtual machine in 1-2 minutes


RPO and RTO for about 15 minutes


Number of recovery points -1 (one) per hour


Storage period of the recovery point up to 24 hours


During replication operations, there is no need to stop the application.


All solutions – operating system, cloud architecture, application for replication – from one software developer, and this is a guarantee of the quality of service work.

With excellent IT support

Our specialists:

  • Help you to deploy solutions.
  • Help to prepare a recovery plan (Disaster Recovery Plan).
  • Provide regular monitoring of the relevant infrastructure involved in the service.
  • Conduct regular testing according to the plan.
  • Can help in setting up monitoring of your applications for work crashes.
  • Provide * fast switching ** according to the plan (sequence or order) on the backup area.

* Service is quite complicated, we have experience with it, so we operate the service on our own.

** Switching will be made only after the customer’s request, unless otherwise provided by the recovery plan.

More and more companies in Ukraine are aware of the importance of such a solution. Indeed, if possible, it is better to insure themselves against reputational and financial risks. Stopping the work of critical IT resources inevitably involves the loss of clients, transactions, and money. Stopping less critical IT resources can also affect the profitability of a business. Therefore, we recommend each company, each client to assess the risks, identify critical and less important IT resources, calculate the potential damage to the company in the event of a disaster, prepare a recovery plan (we will help you) and order a service with us.

We are ready to implement an individual solution in full compliance with your requirements.

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