Варіанти надання послуги BaaS

Backup management by data center specialists

Professional technical support
Highly qualified datacenter specialists will manage your backups. All you need is to determine the resources to be backed up, and the parameters of the service, in particular, the number of recovery points, the interval between them, and storage of copies, etc. A copy is created entirely from the entire virtual machine / server. If necessary, additional parameters such as backup type, full/partial, snapshot, number of incremental ???, etc. may be discussed in addition.

Client control
You can check the correctness (consistency) of data in backup copies on demand or with a certain periodicity.

Free testing
Datacenter offers a free test-drive service before its order. You will be able to assess the level of service provision and determine the resources, copying of which is critical for you.

Key features:

  • Installation on the client’s servers or virtual machines of special software “agents”
  • Deployment of the backup “next” or instead of existing resources
  • Configuring automatic notification of insufficient disk space
  • Ensuring the elasticity of changing the amount of disk space and parameters for backups
  • Storage of just the virtual machine / server or the entire tenant
Manage your backups yourself

Full freedom of action
You manage your backups on your own, using the full functionality of the DPM (System Center) software: setting options, removing backups, encryption, etc. (Detailed Documentation)

“Closed” infrastructure
Due to the fact that the backup server remains within the client cloud (tenant), you get a completely closed infrastructure

Operational help
Datacenter specialists will assist in deploying the necessary software (server for backup, agents in the VM, etc.) and setting up the initial parameters of the service.

Key features:

  • Installation on special software servers on virtual servers / virtual machines
  • Deploying eploying and testing backup
  • Set up automatic alert for insufficient disk space for backups (on request)
  • Ensuring the flexibility of changing the amount of disk space for backups on demand
Manage files through the FTP protocol yourself

It is advisable to use this option if you are going to store information as a finished file. This can be applied if a backup, such as a virtual machine / server, was previously created or the storage of individual files is required.

Optionally, you will receive the WEB interface or access to the “normal” network folder

The solution does not include the cost of the software. You can also order a more accurate volume of disk space, since the known amount of files that are scheduled to be backed up.

Key tools and actions:

  • WEB interface. Ftp / ftps protocols
  • Or a network folder  http / https / webda

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