What volume of disk space is needed to back up (does not apply to FTP)?

The amount of disk space for storing backups is usually higher than the master data on a virtual machine or server, because it consists of various parameters such as a full backup, restore points, logins, etc.).

Preferably, the backup is 1.5 times larger than the original VM



The table “The Principle of Calculating Distributed Space By Default in DPM” provides the formulas for calculating the required disk space for the corresponding data.

In case of self-management of the service, we recommend that you familiarize yourself with the details of DPM’s work in more detail.

How fast is a backup?

The backup speed depends on the bandwidth.

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Who is vendor the data storage system (DSS) and in which RAID drives?
  • The DSS from the leading vendor of the industry – NetApp.
  • The DSS is built with one of the best architectures, which hight out fault tolerance, in RAID 5 and 6, with the necessary and sufficient amount of hot spare (disks for replacement)

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