Backup as a Service

BaaS – Backup as a Service – this service allows you to recover data in case of damage or loss.
You don’t need to worry that your data will be restored if sudden unforeseen circumstances such as malware damage, human error or software failure occur. Despite the complexity of the services, specialists in the Datacenter “Parkovyi” during the development and implementation of services, as in other services, adhere to such key criteria as:

  • High quality of services
  • Low price
  • Simple and clear pricing
  • Ease of use of the service
  • High level of support

Therefore, the BaaS service has the most demanded functionality (the most common protocols, service parameters, etc.), and the choice of software and the NevRDs from NepApp makes it possible to have an affordable price with high quality service. We strive to meet the customer’s needs as much as possible, so other options for providing the service are ready to be realized.


Definitely beneficial! Losing data = lose profits, and possibly business. Therefore, we offer to insure our business from collapse. The money spent on the service is definitely cheaper than lost data

We have flexible terms of service! All data is stored on a separate from the “Parkovyi” cloud of the NetApp fault-tolerant disk storage.

  • It is possible to place backups in a partner data center in Ukraine or abroad.
  • Select only the required amount of disk space you need to protect (from 1st virtual machine to back up the entire infrastructure)
  • Order an individual decision if necessary
  • Get a discount. The discount system will give you an opportunity to get a discount depending on the amount of disk space that is protected.

Reliable Equipment A new, modern Data Storage System (SDS) from the leading NetApp manufacturer
Easy Creating backups without stopping applications or the entire server / datacenter
Reliability of the solution The virtualization platform and software for backups from one developer, and this is a guarantee of the quality of service work
Flexible control You can create the required number of restore points, set the interval between them, remove unnecessary, etc., as well as manage backup copies, restore as separate files and completely the entire virtual machine / server
Completeness of the solution In addition to managing and required settings for backups, you can also receive event notifications (“Copy … Successfully completed”, “10% free disk space remaining ..”), check the consistency of the copies made, conduct analytics, etc.
IT support Our specialists will help you with the organization of creating and managing backups

Service options:


Regular backup, management of data center specialists


Regular backup, self-management


Backup files, data, self-management through FTP-protocol

Methods of transferring information for backup (backup):
  • From your physical infrastructure
  • From your virtual client infrastructure (other clouds, location – does not matter)
  • From your physical media (HDD, SSD, USB)
Backup settings
  • Duration of the copy – 1-448 days
  • Backup frequency – 0: 00-23: 59
  • Minimum Interval – every 30 Minutes
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