Placement of equipment in telecommunication rank, common and shielded halls

Main characteristics of the rack:


APC NetShelter
SX 48U (600x1200)


Permissible power
rack – 8 kWt

Doors with
a personal lock

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In a common hall

The client in the common machine room receives a physical area for the placement of its own equipment in our rack APC NetShelter SX 48U with a max power of 8 kW, or to place own of rack (for example, for lifts, specialized Servers, storage systems).

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In a common shielded hall

The feature of the service is the car of the hall, which is shielded in a special way to meet the requirements of the NBU Resolution No. 243 of June 4, 2007. The client in such a hall receives the necessary number of rack with all necessary (electricity conditioning, Internet, etc.).
Such engine hall are already implemented and are ready to receive clients.
All shielded halls in the data center have certificates of conformity and upon request, can be issued to the client

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In a individual shielded hall

The services differ from the service "Placing equipment in a telecommunication rack in the common shielded hall by that only client have acces to all shielded hall
Mostly the clients of shielded halls - companies require more protection, banks and government structures.

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In the general hall, additional rack protected grill

Similarly to the service "Placement of equipment in the telecommunication halls in the common hall of "Parkovyi" with additional physical protection of the customer's infrastructure, special fencing. In this case, only the client will have access to the equipment on the common hall.

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