загальна площа

2715 м2

total area

корисна площа

930 м2

effective area

кількість стійок


number of counters


machine halls


4 МW


General description of network infrastructure

What level of TIER is the data center?

TIER III It is possible to carry out repairs without stopping the services on the basis of the data center. Engineering systems have in reserve at least one (N + 1) set of reserv equipment, there are several channels for power distribution and cooling.

Backup services of access providers - several providers, track


Backup trunk conduits


Own optical network (Kyiv)



There are no external windows around the perimeter of the machine halls


Video surveillance: perimeter of the building, generators, UPS hall, machine halls


Stand alone building


Electrical equipment

Number of power supply routes


Power-Inputs from the public network


Backup UPS (N + 1) at the level of power modules and at UPS level


Engineering equipment


Traces of water supply and drainage pipelines in rooms of data centers not related to its equipment


Reservoir supply from UPS to air conditioning equipment


The number of air conditioners, pumps, coolers is sufficient to support a critical ifrastructure when one source of power is lost


Reservoirs for storage of diesel fuel


Fire extinguishing system with gaseous non-polluting agent

Electricity supply

Guaranteed power supply



4 x FG Wilson — LL9124H (Prime 1.7 MW)

Uninterrupted power supply


3 x Symmetra MW 1.6 MW

List of critical consumers

IT equipment, air conditioners (M3, electric power, TP), internal pump group

Scheme of power supply of racks


Temperature and humidity control

Temperature and humidity control




Hot and cold corridors


Air conditioners, reservation

InRow RC (N+1) Uniflair (N+1)

Number of air conditioners is superfluous


The pipelines of the air conditioning system are duplicated


Systems of guarding of premises

Passing system


Protection system / sensors


Video surveillance system


Data on SCS and LAN

Cable wiring (main and horizontal) Panduit

Half Rack PDU Halling rack

NetShelter SX 48U Customer rack

Racks in NetShelter SX 48U telecom hardware


General Halls 4

Halls (shielded) 13

The possibility of temporary placement of work in the center

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