About reliability and security


Guaranteed power supply system

Datacenter “Parkovyi” is connected to two independent substations, from which it receives two electrical inputs of the first category of 4 MW capacity – main and backup.

Recall that the first category of power supply is used to connect objects, the interruption of which may endanger the lives of people, the threat to the country’s security, significant material damage, violations of the complex technological process, etc. Already, one can count “Parkovyi” as one of the highly reliable complexes, but for preventing emergencies there are other elements – uninterruptible power supply and diesel generator sets. Switches between main and standby power sources are automatically triggered by the Schneider Electric production reserve.

In an UPS, three APC Symmetra MW systems, each with a capacity of 1.6 MW, are used. In this case, there are two levels of redundancy: external, when the UPSs are connected under the scheme N + 1 and internal – at the level of the components of each individual Symmetra MW.

In the absence of power supply for the main and backup electrical input, four synchronized diesel generating sets FG Wilson, with a power of 1.7 MW each, are automatically started. The level of reservation of the State Tax Administration is also N + 1. Fuel reserves are at some a day’s worth of work.

The distribution of power supply inside the data center is provided by two independent leads to each critical customer (wardrobe, air conditioner, server).

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