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Cooling system

All key components of the refrigeration system are chillers, air conditioners, reserved by the scheme N + 1.

Central cold water supply lines are looped and equipped with a latch system, which allows you to cut off any area for scheduled or emergency work, without stopping the whole system.

The outer cooling circuit is represented by six APC Uniflair BREF 2802A chillers, with a refrigerated capacity of 650 kW each. Refrigeration machines operate on a two-circuit diagram and are equipped with a function of freaking, which in Kyiv allows you to use external air for cooling in the cold season. This ensures high energy efficiency for all data centers.

Cooling equipment in the engine room is provided by intra-precision air conditioners APC InRow RC 103, with a refrigerated capacity of up to 18 kW each. Each conditioner is connected to two power inputs.

The humidity parameters inside the halls are provided by the Comfort Comfort Steam ES3-M. The parameters of the microclimate inside the engine rooms, in terms of temperature and humidity, fully meet the requirements of ASHRAE TC 9.9.

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