About reliability and security


Security and access control system

Physical security and access control are provided by a number of interconnected systems, including: motion sensors, magnetic locks (opens with smart cards), armored doors, alarm systems. The facility has a strict pass-through mode, the gateway access system is the physical protection of the territory and the central security panel.

Conditional access systems work at all possible levels – a machine room, dedicated zones, individual cabinets. Also on the site is deployed a powerful CCTV video surveillance system based on Cisco IP cameras with built-in video analytics functions, which allows you to control all actions occurring in the data center. Entries made on an object are stored in a video archive, which allows in the event of an incident to restore the entire sequence of previous events.

If necessary, the client can get remote access to certain IP-cameras and watch their equipment in real-time. In addition, the data center uses a complex system for monitoring environmental parameters, which tracks the temperature and humidity level in the engine room, as well as other important parameters of the complex. All information is reduced to a single control center, which is serviced by its own highly skilled operators around the clock.

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